Due to a full Team membership we are not looking for volunteers at this time.

All Weather, All Terrain, All Hours.

We Hope You Never Need Us

​But we’ll be there if you do

No one wants to think worst case scenario when they’re enjoying the outdoors. But it’s surprising how many people end up in circumstances where they need our help. We want you to enjoy Tayside’s countryside safely. However we’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year if you do end up in an unexpected crisis. And if that happens, nothing will stop us (not even the toughest of blizzards) nothing will come first (not even our nearest and dearest) and we’ll never expect to be paid for it either. We do this job because we choose to. But we can’t do it without tools and equipment. That’s why we fundraise all year round – to pay for those. And why we appreciate every penny donated.

“Tayside Mountain Rescue Team are all volunteers and they do a brilliant job. They have to be ready to head for the hills at a moment’s notice and they willingly give up their time and selflessly dedicate themselves to rescuing people who get into trouble. This highly skilled, well trained but very modest group are on call 365 days of the year and 24 hours of every single one of those days.”

We don’t get paid – we do this job because we choose to.

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