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Be Remembered Fondly By Your Legacy

It’s not something any of us want to spend too much time thinking about – but knowing that we can make a difference (and be fondly remembered) by leaving a legacy can be quite a peaceful thought.

We appreciate every penny left to us in peoples’ Wills (in fact we appreciate the fact we’re important enough to be considered in the first place) and every donation (no matter how big or small) is spent on resources that help us save lives in Tayside.

If what we do is important enough to you to be include in your legacy, we will be extremely grateful. And there are three ways that you can organise this to happen:

This is a gift of all or a percentage of what’s left of your estate after all other payments have been made. It’s an effective way of dividing an estate between the people and causes that are important to you and can be more beneficial to charities as it won’t decrease in value due to inflation.

This is a gift of a sum of money of your choosing. It is possible to add a pecuniary legacy to an existing Will using a simple Codicil document. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this type of gift will decrease in value over time as the cost of living increases.

You can also leave what’s called a specific gift. This could be anything from a piece of jewellery or a property to a selection of shares. If you’d like to give in this way, we would recommend contacting us so we can discuss your intentions

Please take advice from your solicitor about adding a clause to your existing will. If you don’t have a Will but are thinking of putting one in place, we will be very grateful to be included.

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