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Walk the Walk

Follow these extra tips before you head off, so that you can confidently walk the walk.

When you’re excited about heading off on a mountain adventure, it’s easy to skip a few steps and think that you’re prepared…but can you, hand-on-heart, really say that you’re ready to go?

We know that you can’t wait to get out there.

We also know that there’s nothing more satisfying than a day in the hills. No, in fact, that’s a lie. We know that there is nothing more satisfying than a day in the hills when you are prepared. Because we also know how quickly the weather can change, how dangerous the path can become and how debilitating an unexpected injury can be.

Follow these tips before you head off


Tip: 1

Tip 1: Always have a map and compass and know how to use them. Smartphones or GPS are excellent navigational aids but should never be solely relied upon. Make sure you have the right map for the area you are walking in and check that your compass is working before you set off.

Tip: 2

Download OS Locate and register your mobile phone with the 999 text service – if the signal is weak, it may still be enough for a text message to come through and these can only be accepted if the phone used has been pre-registered. It’s simple to do, just text the word ‘register’ to 999 (do it now, before you set off!).


Tip: 3

Nothing is more unpredictable than the Scottish weather. Keep an eye on the sky and on weather apps. It can change very quickly… and you’ll need to think quickly when it does

Tip: 4

Look for dedicated mountain weather forecasts online, such as MWIS or the Met Office before leaving home to give you the full picture of what to expect during your journey into the mountains.

Now that you know the main tips for navigation and weather, we hope you have the best time in the Tayside hills.

Be smart, stay safe and have fun.

The temperature drops a degree for every 100 metres you climb. The weather will be very different at the top to what it is here. Clothing layers are best and remember to pack a hat and gloves.

 In 90% of avalanche accidents, the victim or someone in the victim’s party causes the snow slide.

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