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Our Backing

Just like other emergency services, we put our back into our job every single day.

And just as you’d expect, when other emergency services are behind us, our service is enhanced tenfold. We work hard at maintaining strong relations with partners such as Police Scotland and St John In Scotland so that together, we can provide the very best rescue service to Tayside.

Over the years Tayside Mountain Rescue has worked hard to establish strong connections with a number of key organisations who support the work of the team by providing a range of resources that enhance our operational effectiveness. The connections we have formed have set a benchmark for others and clearly evidence our commitment to work in partnership with other organisations to provide the best possible service to those who call on us.

ST JOHN Scotland has supported mountain rescue teams across Scotland since 1997.

These volunteer teams are tasked by Police Scotland in response to 999 calls from people in trouble in the Scottish countryside. Police Scotland also call on the teams for support for other search and rescue incidents, including missing persons or major weather disruptions.

St John Scotland provides an infrastructure to the teams which allows them to provide this life-saving service more effectively and efficiently. Tayside have recently moved to a unit in Blairgowrie provided for by funds from St John, Scotland, with these facilities being provided to the Team under licence and rent free.

The other main element of support from St John Scotland is the provision of vehicles for the teams. A rolling programme was started in 1998 with four teams each year receiving a new vehicle.

St John Scotland is proud to support the dedicated and brave volunteers of the Scottish mountain rescue community in their life-saving work to help those in need

Working ‘hand in hand’, both Teams operate as one integrated unit. Through monthly exercises, medical nights and National Courses, the relationship between the Civilian and Police Teams is excellent, with joint working practises and a joint management structure.

Established in 1992 by Donald and Julie Riddell, Highland Safaris have been awarded various accolades including Most Enjoyable Visitor Attraction and have been twice finalists in the VisitScotland Thistle Awards.

Tayside Mountain Rescue is pleased to be associated with Highland Safaris and with their vast knowledge of the local mountain tracks have become an integral resilience partner in not only providing transport to remote places, but with 4×4 driver training.

Tayside MRT are now using Digital Mapping and GPS for Mobile Devices provided by Outdooractive.

Changeable, fickle, and often fierce. Wet, wintery weather makes planning a difficult business. Our tough and reliable waterproof gear takes that variable out of adventure. Tayside Mountain Rescue Team are proud to have RAB as our clothing partner, incorporating a full layering system of shell, mid and base layers.

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