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All Weather, All Terrain, All Hours.

Hope for the best day, prepare for the worst

It could save your life.

People underestimate the extremities of the Scottish mountains. One moment sunshine, the next, a white out. One step heather, the next, ice. One mile a well-trodden path, the next, unknown wilderness.

Each year we get around 60 callouts from people who have found themselves in trouble on the hill.

Nine times out of ten, it’s because they are underprepared. Some of these people are lucky and end up ok. Some are never found and don’t ever make it back home. Don’t let yourself become one of these statistics.

Be smart and get prepared.

Having the right kit is essential, not only to keep you warm and dry,  but to keep you safe.

Walking Kit Checklist


Well fitting and suitable for the terrain and the activity.


A layered system is always best - base layer, insulated mid layer, and breathable waterproof jacket and trousers.

Hat & Gloves:

Waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics are best. In the lighter months, remember to also pack sunblock and sunglasses.

Safety Equipment:

Whistle, head torch (with spare batteries), survival bag, group shelter, first aid kit and (switched off) mobile phone.


Take enough food for the whole journey and pack some emergency rations. Always carry a water bottle (you can top it up from mountain streams).

Now that you know what to pack before you set off, we hope you have the best time in the Tayside hills.

Be smart, stay safe and have fun.

Winter conditions in Scotland can be prevalent for many months of the year. Always plan for cold conditions and double check the weather just before you leave from at least two sources.

 In 90% of avalanche accidents, the victim or someone in the victim’s party causes the snow slide.

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